Conceive Me

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in out, in out, in out
up and into the stars
their love sound travels
man woman motion
of breath and moan
opening into origins
where a hungry sky
pours cream into flesh
forms the nascent doorway of me
their eyes, that ground, our heavens
lit beyond time and place
the next body's journey
forming in the corona of a comet's tail
like a diamond-faceted question mark

Down and to them
I speed and spiral
cascading past an hourglass nebula
the blue eye of God
growing with me until I am so small
I become the entire sky
the "O" in Omega, in Om
in orgasm
a single shooting pleasure
sculpting my ability to breathe
to ride the family helix
as it births my wand of light
soaring me into that dimension
ready to ride the magic carpet of bone
as they pull and push me
in out, in out, in out
farther, closer
to where love walks on two legs


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