My latest chapbook, completed in Spring 2013. 
A collection of the poems since godmeat. 
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Sky Eye with Word Music Continuim

The Return of

A Poetic Communication

Tony Seymour & Blake More


Postcards From The Sun

my most recent collection of words & collages
(to order, click here)


Illustrated Poetry

art poetry created in Amsterdam

Thank You Trane
"dedicated to you"

recorded live at the Redwood Coast Whale & Jazz Festival

I Scribble, Therefore I Am

high wire musings and cutout doodles




Late Eveal Woman In Paradise

reflections & genuflections




En espirito de Cuba

poet cards from Cuba


Whose Pair Of Dice?

text & audio from multimedia performance at Mother's Nine in SF




No Woman's Land

text and audio track from the Awaa-te Productions CD
"The Alchemy of the Word"
SF Poets recorded live at Venue 9



Peace: A Wall Crumbling For a Flower

audio track from the finals of the Oakland East Bay Symphony
Words & Music Project


Conceive Me

text and audio from spoken word/dance piece written
for the Birth Right Benefit at the Arena Theater, December 2001


Winter Solace

In celebration of the longest night, 2001


More & More

most recent poetry...adding new poems regularly


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