Pandora's Chest of Square Cut of Diamonds

Pandoras Chest of Square Cut Diamonds is a poem movie made from footage captured before and during the play Boxing Pandora, a show I wrote, produced, directed and stared in 1999. The poem was my gift to the cast and co-creators of this wacky production. The original score was created by David Swendig; the live video mix, the pre-edited video and the show archive video was captured by Christian Cybirk Birk. The original play featured specialized lighting effects, live music (drums, sax, fiddle, guitar, shakers, gongs), 13 member Greek-inspired chorus, original choreography, trapeze, and audience participation, and all were used to move the drama and weave odd magic into this mythical search for self expression and determination. The story unfolds as the girl butts against the parameters of "the box", leaving her no choice but to interpret her confinement through the lens of family, television, politics, history, mythology and finally, metaphysics. As she gathers courage, she breaks free only to face another box and another box another...Will the orb loving Diaphanous One save her, or will she be relegated to box life forever. 


Most of the footage used in this movie was captured and compiled by Cybirk in 1999, as he both filmed the original play, as well as his video used in the play itself (live mix and pre-recorded); the edit on this piece was done by me and is included with my book godmeat.

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