The Poetry Of Blues
poetry of blues

The "We're Playing Blues" compilation CD is part of a larger Gualala Arts In The Schools Poetry of Blues" Partnership Project between Artists Nelson Lunding and Blake More and teachers Bippy McMaster, Jim Lieberman, and Justin Hughey. 2nd through 8th graders from Pacific Community Charter School, 5th & 6th graders at Horicon School, and 8th graders at Arena Middle School learned the historical roots of American music and discovered that poetry and music have a powerful cultural impact, especially as a means of enabling creative expression and enacting social change.

During the course of three weeks, students took their ideas and turned them into original 12 bar blues songs (such as "Rocks in my Shoes", "Our Bus Life" "Soap Opera School"). , which were then arranged by Nelson Lunding and sung by the authoring students. All work was recorded onto DAT with a single microphone in a "studio" (i.e. the nurses quarters at Horicon & the Superintendent's office at the Point Arena School District Office), and these recordings were compiled into five orignal "classroom" CDs. This is a sampling of the original CDs.

A partnership between Gualala Arts and seven Sonoma and Mendocino Coast schools, Gualala Arts In The Schools connects local artists with classroom teachers and provides multicultural performing arts programs for our schools and community. We aspire to make arts an integral component of youth education; support the creative collaboration between artists and teachers; and provide a model for integrating arts into the curriculum. Our thanks to the Redwood Coast Education Foundation for funding the production of "We're Playing Blues."

But since the project was sponsored by California Arts Council and the Gualala Art Center, so unfortunately, it is at risk due to the California budget cuts (in fact the project lost some of its promised funding midway through the year). To bring in some extra funds for this non-profit program, we have created a "best of" compilation CD. It is entitled "We're Playing Blues", and it is a guaranteed smile. It is available for $15.00. To request a copy, email me at

CD excerpt:  Poetry of Blues, Rocks in my Shoes featuring Edgar, Evette, Jennie & Nacho: 4-5th grade Horicon Elementary students with Nelson Lunding on piano.

Horicon Class CD

Arena Class CD

Pacific Community Charter School 2-3 Class CD

Pacific Community Charter School 3-5 Class CD

Pacific Community Charter School 6-8 Class CD

We're Playing Blues Compilation CD