naked on a table intended for twenty

candle poised between my breasts

its flame casting a hub for the tall votives

glowing at each corner of our Bedouin refuge

I forget the desert storm raging

outside the canvas walls

anything could be calmed by the two women

piping wasabi into green florets

around my nipples, guiding the filigree tongue

ever so gently to circle my belly

dab each toe with a kiss of burning heat


one in an open kimono, hair swept and pillowed

body exposed like the plate she is serving

her breath-engorged lips hovering half open, maguro-like

below the glitter lidded spaciousness of her touch

the other a porcelain doll buttoned in silver silk

white brocade clasps hugging

the serpentine banks of her body

raven eyes echoing the black ship imperialism

of me immobilized by our desire to wet

to saturate the appetites of others


I shudder deep insideóit is all they allow

as they balance raw sustenance on my ravenous skin

rendering me motionless beneath their tittering

slave at the banquet ledge

captive to every hi domo moan of imagination


roll by roll

they rub ocean flesh to mine

dripping moist stickiness

pungent seas spreading across my abdomen

mingling down my thighs

tickling, teasing

they dollop a triangle

of ginger at the mouth of my current

trace the rivulet of juice as it tingles

into a rosy pool below my delta

their fingers trawling a fish corset

till I am only breath and gasps

riding epicurean waves

centerpiece rimmed in wild sage

and twigs of tumble weed

my open frontier fenced by chopsticks and wine

a fresh plate of hunger to devour


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