(bussaluss, shake shack, box & tin office annie)

My labor of roots and wanderlust...Ms Omword Bussaluss has moved to Rancho Remediation, a glorious 40 acre property just above the fog line. Thanks to the love & skill of Mr Campbell, she and Tin Office Annie have been joined by the Shake Shack, the Shit Shed, The Box, and the Dreamshitter...look, we're off grid!

Ms Bussaluss is a 1985 Chevy with a Detroit desiel engine...she's a mover rather than a runner...partly because i'm worried about all the plants, candles and pictures (not to mention the alter on the steering wheel) that would crash to the floor if she hit the road...and partly due to a leaky oil seal that has yet to be identified...though if chris has any say, she will be on the road next summer or so...we'll see...

it took me a 4 months to convert her into my bussaluss palace...
a scrap-ee job for sure...but now she's wearing oak floors, raku tiles on sink and hearth, woodstove, gas/electric fridge, paloma heater, outdoor shower, couple of 40 gallon tanks, 120 and 12V power, 8 6 volt golf cart batteries, 4 solar panels, and 2500W inverter charger...

as this was my first conversion job, i found many able bus gurus and handyfolk, especially Kentucky John, Randy Kolosick, and David Coy...
and now the ever capable, and extra loveable Chris...now days, i do the softscape, chris the hardscape...which is to say, he builds, i embellish

most materials are second hand, recycled or reused as much as possible...


all 36 feet of her...long view
livingroom in front, kitchen in the middle, bedroom in back



and the Shake Shack that Chris & Blake built


(technically re-built, since the structure already stood, but he gutted the whole thing and we started over...
i did the shake's with his air stapler...scary)

and the inside of the shake shack...salvaged windows, salvaged wainscotting,
salvaged trim stock, grass mat ceiling, plywood...plus free insulation...

The Shit Shed
(ie, overflow storage)

Tin Office Annie
my arting & writing & sewing "studio"


The Box
(where chris works & plays & the rest of us drink & make music)

(before, during)


the tikibar

the tiki at night


the appallation kitchen

tweaker museum and spirit house


rrdpw headquarters


spot, grand and beloved watchsalamander


trees do have eyes

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