Help me Grandfather

by Ashley Rios



Help me Grandfather


"What is it my Son?"


Misan has stolen my tongue


"What do you mean?"


I forgot how to hunt

Help me Grandfather


"Listen to the wind my child, listen to the creek."


Grandfather they put us on a rez


"It's okay my Son, who you are is who you were,

look into your heart."


But Grandfather, I don't know how to ride a horse.


"Listen to me my Child, it's not where we're at that

describes us, nor defines who we are, it's what we do

while we're there."


Grandfather, where do I belong?


"My Child you don't belong anywhere,

or to anyone thing. Because you are

a part of everything that is."

"My Child answers are what is."


Grandfather I wish I could go on the big hunt

and stay the night in a hut


"Oh! But you have, you've been going to school and graduating.

My Child you have been part of the greatest war waged on

our nation. You are a warrior, who makes my heart soar

like the great eagle, high over the valley. Because you have

won where others have failed. My Child don't be discouraged

when you fall off your horse, because if you never learn

to ride, you can never go out to the hunt."



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