New Age Anonymous (NAA): 12 Steps for the Recovering New Ager

Humanity Grant me the serenity to accept life without astrology
The Courage to change my name back to what it was
And the Wisdom to know that aliens can't save me

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What people are saying about NAA:

"I knew I was healed when the Whole Life Expo came to town and I went to the 49er game. Thank you NAA, I'm grateful to have my priorities back."--F.S., Mill Valley, CA

"Finally, a group of people who don't care about rising signs!"--T.M., Maui, HI

"After just three months of untherapy, my inner child is safely back in the closet--where she belongs!."--P.W., Sandpoint, ID

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New Age Anonymous

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Whole Foods On The MOove Recipes

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Photon Foods

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