A Play about Hope, Tolerence & Critical Choices

a joint production between the San Francisco Mime Troupe and San Francisco State University


(Blake More, costume designer)


from bottom left: Leon (Pesimistic Fairy), Brian (Elder Fairy),
Dalia (Mom Fairy), Alexandria (Butch Fairy), and Tara (Funky Fairy)

Funky Fairy & Butch Fairy dance in Fairyland


The Fairies contemplate severing ties with Grim Reality

Mom feeds Sal cookies with his draft papers in Grim Reality

Funky Fairy comes out of the closet for Sal and Max

Funky Fairy gets Sal and Max to pass out subversive fliers



The People get turned on by the rainforest



here comes the Grim Reality Police



It's Sal's sister Linda...



and she knows Max is from the Other Side



But the plan worked, citizens of Grim Reality are dreaming of the Rainforest,
remembering that there is more to life than war and suffering.



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