well, in portland, met some REAL clowns, especially scot, aka extremo the clown, artcar artist, painter, entertainer, alive-guy galore, and audrey campbell...not only did they entertain us, feed us, invite the whole town over for a backyard calypsomania party in our honor, but they let the whole cyberbuss crew---nine of us, including brettt and the artvan---take over their play room, crash on their beds, use their computers, rearrange the kitchen...then scot made art out of us when we left...he's beyond amazing, a pure clown in all dimensions...check out some of his work...here...and at



sir loin and i, an acroBAT, at the calypsomania bash




things got a bit rowdy at the freemont street parade in seattle; here we have a fine example of wrestling demonstration by her royal redness and miss raven diva...if only you could see the crowd behind the camera, clomping, snorting, flexing for a shot at the TITLE!!!




her furryatiousness, miss linda loo, caught in her beauty
after some time spent in the palace of poo




of course, no event would be the same, with out reverand cybirkle's third and forth eyes behind the psychic digitroid



notice the once-stuffed pig on my head...a relative of the cyberfamed "kick the pig" pig, which i must say,
makes an excellent hat!





check out this amazing 11 foot, airbrushed, blue zombie punk chef chick...it is part of a funhouse exterior extremo started on after we said our giggly musical goodbyes at the end of the seattle artcar fest parade and festival...Extremo says he painted it with me in mind... she's walking a salamander...acroBATS flying... notice the pirate socks...

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