Can it be true?  In fact, yes, as I am now the single owner of Campo aMOREoborus! Or as a few friends have suggested,
Boomerange Ranch -- a humble acre a mile and a half from the Pacific Ocean.  So it is now me and the trees, living in a 1963 one bedroom  "bungalow", with the Esteemed Mother Purple Portal, Ms Omword Bussalus, Tin Office Annie, Roland the Wardrobe, the Space Pod, the PowerShed and the Argyle Shack. And yes, more than ever, off the grid!  Check out the slider door greenhouse and organic garden too! It is Modern Savage (think accent on the "e") paradise! 

Here are some pictures of the house


          cow ivy'

deck seating       windowbox



south wall

front door


      kitchen 2



Esteemed Mother Purple Portal
(also known as the Clown Bathroom)


sink        door


intestinal flow close up & something to stand on!


Tree House & Junk Garden & Wood House



Home of the offical Air BnB Bohemian Bus Beautiful, Ms Omword Bussaluss is quite at home in her cozy spot. If you wnat to know more about her,
keep reading....

Ms Omword Bussaluss is a 1985 Chevy with a Detroit desiel engine
(she's a mover rather than a runner...partly because I'm worried about all the plants, candles and pictures that would crash to the floor if she hit the road...
and partly due to a leaky oil seal that has yet to be identified.

It took me a 4 months to convert her into my bussaluss palace...
a scrap-ee job for sure...but now she's wearing oak floors,
raku tiles on sink and hearth, woodstove, gas/electric fridge, on demand water heater,
private outdoor shower, couple of 40 gallon tanks, 120 and 12V power converter.

As this was my first conversion job, I found many able bus gurus and handyfolk, especially Kentucky John, Randy Kolosick,
David Coy, Chris Cambell, Joel Fadness, Bob V of Sequoia Heating, and Ray White of John Schmidt Construction

Most materials are second hand, recycled or reused as much as possible...

But Why did I create her in the first place?

In the late Spring of 1999, I decided to create her after I returned from a three month sojourn in Mexico and Cuba.
While away from my culture and immersed as a solo traveler in a strong latin culture of family and heart, I realized that I could live much simpler than I was
(i.e. work less to pay the bills). It became clear that I wanted to as happy and alive as the Cuban’s I lived with in Baracoa,
who while not having “much” in the way of material wealth, had so “much" more time and heart and art than any people that I had met up to that point.
So, I sold some of my tech stock options (good thing because the rest became worthless after the dot com bomb in the early 2000s)
and started searching for a school bus, which in 1999, mind you, was pre “Tiny House” movement.

Ironically, I found her in parked in Mendocino, and as luck would have it a young reggae band drove her to Nor Cal, then abandoned her.
While it took me over three months to locate the title holder, I managed to procure her for a song. I also discovered
that her Tennessee plates were more than legit, as she hails from THE FARM in Summertown, Tennessee (which all old hippies
know much about but for those who don’t, THE FARM is credited as the first of the 60s back to the land migrations and still thrives to this day).
So she has first rate utopian pedigree!

A friend was care taking a 10 acre parcel a few miles from the coast, and invited me and Miss Omword Bussaluss to join him,
and on November 1, 1999 — All Saints Day — I had my official move in party! I moved her a few more times and lived in her till buying Campo aMOREoborus in 2006.
She simplified life exactly as I had hoped, as she gave me lots of freedom to explore art, travel and all my passions
without having to over rely on making rent or mortgage money. Which of course, has changed! But she makes a great guest bus — just ask anyone who has stayed in her!








Tin Office Annie ensconced in her happy place
(she is my writing and sewing studio)

(she looks the same inside)

The Cabinettes

Solar Chateau

Utility Plaid

Pature & Garden


chix coop         coop 2
a peak at the bounty

daffodils      fushia

lemon poppy   

rasberry tub

The Tubs


Roland -- My Walk In Trailer!!
Roland is comfortable with his sexuality
viewpoint from the bedrom deck
vanity goes here!
room to watch...
a view with potential
packed full!!!

garden cock

Visit my listing in airbnb!

Bohemian Bus Beautiful in Point Arena

Other in Point Arena, United States. Converted into my home over a decade ago, this bus served as my home until I bought this property in 2006, and it has since been the deluxe guest bus. It is very comfortable and comes with all the luxury one would expect in a cabin -- hot water, ...



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