Mr Frazer's 4th & 5th Grade Class
Point Arena Elementary School

Collage & Poetry Workshop

A joint effort between artist Blake More and teacher Scott Frazer, our Project, "Seeing Our Words, Expressing Ourselves" used collage as an evocative medium to bring forth the written poetry of 4th & 5th grade students at Point Arena Elementary School. When joined, art and poetry make up the blood and bones of creative life. Few things bring as much joy as the engagement of hands and mind in creative expression. We enjoyed inspiring students to reach new levels of creativity while also encouraging them to write, as well as bring the immediacy of real feelings and heart-felt expression into the learning environment. This project was made possible thanks to the generous contribution of the California Arts Council, Gualala Arts In the Schools, and of course, the Arts in the Schools project coordinator Susan Avant.


The following is an exhibition of the student's collage and poetry...
of which, the wonderful, creative students of Mr Frazer should
be very proud of their work!


Sunset--Spencer Langwell
Wolves--Samantha Allen
Cars--Arnesto Poe
Bad Boys --Justin Lombardo
Cat Walk --Geneva Carr
Lazy Man--Justin Free
Bad Boys--DJ Egger
Cars--Nestor Santillan
Alaskan Native--Tristin McMoy
Motorcycles--Ryan Valdez
Cars--Jesse Avord
Circus--Tabitha Thompson
Cars--Adrian Jose
Smells Like Pink --Karina
Busy Life--Amanda
Soft Fur--Yannette
Jewelry 1--Ben & Octavio
Jewelry 2 --Ben & Octavio
Cars & Such--Enrique Ramirez
Batman & Pie--Ray


Sunset wind
in my face
windy clouds
top down
Corvette, 4 speed
2 miles in two minutes
cloudy low
140 miles per hour
down the road
I feel free as a bee

---Spencer Langwell



This poem is about


wolves that float in the sky

wolves that eat what ever

they can find

wolves that live on mars

wolves that have dogs for cousins

wolves are like thunder and lightning

wolves live on all the planets

they can do anything

            ---Samantha Allen



yellow and cool
goes 222 MPH

like a comet

Honda motorcycle
red, jumps high
off a ramp like an asteroid

Mercedes sports car
blue, cool like abalone shells

army tank
slow, firing
only 100 MPH
like a snail

four door sedan
fast, 210 MPH
silver rims
shiny bright headlights
like the afternoon sun

---Arnesto Poe

Bad Boys

I have seven quads

on my cobra

I have water

I see a motor

I see drag racing


and a motorcycle


           ---Justin Lombardo


Cat Walk

A cat wanders the sky

like a cloud

as the thunder comes

the cat comes down



down with a big plop

on the ground

as Samantha comes out of the house

to play on the swings

amd say to the cat, bow wow


---Geneva Carr

Lazy Man

Lazy man
skull in hand
sitting on Venus
quick as a rabbit
slick as a snake
drinking Russian vodka
like a stake    

            ---Justin Free

Bad Boys

I drive cars

have a girlfriend

have V/O engines

and four wheelers

I have a corvette

I have fire on my bike

I have everything I want


---DJ Egger




top comes down

10,999,999 max speed

with nos, nitro boosters

100% breakes

100% steering



3,999,999 miles pers second





550 max speed

with nos, nitro boosters

100% steering

100% brakes


450 miles per hour.


---Nestor Santillan

Alaskan Native

I’m a pure

Alaskan native

I’ve got a collage

it’s about DBZ

and pokeman

it has androids on it

androids 17 and 18

android 17 is stronger


---Tristin McCoy



Motorcycle CR 80

80 cc

top speed 60

Honda, two stroke

Motorcycle KTM 65

65 cc

top speed 45-50

races with little motorcycles

two stroke

Motorcycle KX 65

65 cc

top speed 40-45

two stroke

races with little motorcycles

they make me feel calm

and in charge


---Ryan Valdez



street racing car

yellow and green

with nuts and bolts

245 mph

wheels are thin





40 feet tall

150 mph

flat bed


Rav 4

bike rack

extra wheel

4 doors

sky light


viper red

2 miles in one second

300 mph

window on top




140 mph

top goes down

thin glasses


---—Jesse Arnold







Earth with sky twinkle

world dirt

trees clouds

freedom family

it is time now

people family relatives

famous people

sparkle performers

now it is time


           ---—Tabitha Thompson





         by Adrian Jose




Smells Like Pink

 by Karina







  by Amanda




Busy Life

by Amanda

Soft Fur

            by Yannette

Jewelry 1



            by Ben & Octavio


Jewelry 2

by Ben & Octavio





Cars & Such

by Enrique Ramirez






Batman & Pie


by Ray






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